my review of my sample lush products :)

hey guys hope your having a great monday!

when i went to the lush store they were super friendly, i asked one the staff if they could help me out with finding something for my skin as it’s oily and spotty (or was)

they tested some products out for me on the back of my hand

they then allowed me to take 3 sample pots home of some of the products that tried out for free

they gave me

enzymion(it’s a moisturiser meant to combat your oiliness throughout the day)

i rate it 5/10 sort of works but my face still ends up oily half way through the day but it does feel nice

dark angel(it’s a cleanser mainly made out of charcoal i think)

i rate it 10/10 it’s my favourite out of all of them it genuinely helps my skin i can see so much difference when i wake up in my skin and it makes it feel so so soft

angels on bare skin(another cleanser with a deeper exfoliant)

i rate it 7/10 it’s very hard to make this stick too my face but once i’ve got the perfect amount of cleanser it works fairly well and leaves my skin feeling soft

thanks for reading :))

updated skin care routine/products:))

heya guys i feel so good that i’m able to finally properly get back into blogging ! i love the blogging community:)) its so nice honestly

i’ve beeen away for the past two weeks on scout camp and holiday (i’ll write some blog posts on that because i had so much fun!)

anddd everyone’s having 16th birthdays and i’ve been invited to a few parties and it makes me feel so happy :))

yesterday i got a few samples from lush which i’m going to test on my face over the next few days and maybe make a blog post about how they helped me after i’ve used them up!

my nightly routine :

1/remove makeup

2/face mask or something similar some nights i skip this tho


(also wash my face along with removing my makeup it makes me feel cleaner and i find generally helps my skin)

my updated skin care products:

this blemish stick personally doesn’t help that much but sometimes i see a difference such a goooood exfoliated totally recommend

hella good actually helps out my akin

vvvvvvv recommend

so good for removing makeup!!

thankyou for reading :))


a new puppy!

hey guys

i’m loving the summer holidays and the free time because it’s letting me get back into reading,blogging,painting and i still have time to do the things i want to :)) also broke my glasses and now i have to get a new pair and i’m so unsure on the new pair i’ve picked out

anywayss – yesterday i went to visit the litter of puppies with my mum and honestly the journey there was the most traumatic thing i’d ever experienced. it was mine and my mums first time using a sat nav and i was sat there just constantly worried that i’d pressed the wrong thing and that we’d end up in oxford instead of the outskirts of somerset

when we got there omg the puppies !! there were





and omg (first of all they’re dalmatians)

we picked one out and we’ve bought it and will be getting it august somewhen??

((((omfg my mum dropped the one we chose whilst holding it i thought we damaged it it’s alright but i was so scared))))

this is our lil puppy😍😫

trying to come up with names for him comment some of you think of any ?

byeee x

my trip to madrid!

heya guys yet again i’ve been gone for ages..honestly completely my fault

but anyway i just spent 5 days in madrid! my first time ever abroad and it was so so good.

the first day i got there late in the evening and just went straight to our hotels with these such cute balcony’s!

then our second day we went to warner bros theme park which was everything and i got the cutest tshirt

then on the third day we went to an art gallery and then shopping and i went in a SEPHORA i repeat a sephora. why isn’t there one in england not sure

on the fourth day we went to the warner bros water park and that was sooo good but i got a little burnt

on the fourth we went to this super cute but HUGE park and then went shopping and then we went back to the airport and went on our way back but we only got back around 11:30

style tips for the summer!

heya guys how are you? this week i’ve been way too busy for a normal person πŸ˜‚ i’ve barely had time to go on wordpress let alone write up a blog post


1. find some cute sunglasses that you’ll love wearing even if they’re just on top of your head-it kind brings the outfit together

2.go through your wardrobe and bring out all of shorts – preferably high waisted i mean so not worth it sweating in a pair of jeans in the heat

3.hoop earrings – doesn’t necessarily make you a hoe but it sure makes you look fly

4.the right pair of shoes- find some cute light shoes suitable for daytrips i mean even if your outfit is basic your shoes don’t have to be yourself a cute mini backpack because i mean you need things like water throughout the day! and some mini backpacks can be so cute and pretty πŸ™‚

6.flowy trousers rn are everything especially for exploring cities i mean the aesthetic tho

hope your summer is great and don’t forget to put suncream onπŸ˜‚



How i see myself as a fictional character tag!

Hey guys , found it quite hard to find inspiration these past couple of days for blogging :/

althoughhh i have kept up the motivation to go for a weekly run! i went on one this morning who dis new morning person

but i was scrolling through saradiz’s blog (check out the original tag that inspired saradiz here)and i found this and omg she had some hella aesthetic ideas so here goes my attempt at it (this tag is about how you’d live and look as fantasised you)

name: mia


hair :

long, dark curly hair πŸ™‚

tanned and glowy skin, freckles,

greeny-blueish eyes and long ass eyelashes (i want eyelashes so bad)

tall and skinny but with a bit of curve



some cute earrings and necklaces maybe chokers


artsy, messy

curiosity- adventuring and long walks with friends

forgetting about people’s opinions of me and just having fun

hope you enjoyed this post and have a go at the tag your self also check out saradiz !x


my new fitness aims!

hey guys how are you all? i’m yo really early as i can’t sleep that well in the heat 😦 it makes me really restless. but on the bright side i’m sticking to my goal of posting everyday!

recently i’ve started running and honestly it’s shown me that even though i’m skinny i am very out of shape πŸ˜‚ i had a stitch within like two minutes

  • to run at least twice a week for at least 20 mins (i’ve now started doing this and it’s a chance to get some new sports wear omg i’m so exciteddd)
  • 10 squats a day but add on 10 more each week
  • 10 sit ups a day but add on 10 more each week
  • to drink at least 5 cups of water everyday- especially i don’t in the winter drink that much because i don’t feel thirsty so i just assume i don’t need to drink

i already do:

  • walking up and back to school which is 1.1 miles either way
  • dance for over an hour on wednesdays
  • do adventure scouts wear we go caving, do lots of walking, paint-balling etc (paint-balling hurt like hell it was so worth it though)

i’m not doing this because i feel like i need to improve my body-i just wanna feel better about my health and also i like the idea of running πŸ˜‚

byee have a great day! x


My summer wish list πŸ’›

Heya guys i’m going for a whole month posting kinda everyday i think? that’s my aim and i so want the motivation to do it πŸ˜‚ because i feel like me (the writer) and all you readers would enjoy it!

oooh also i’ve recently started working out so i’m gonna make a post on my work out and what i do/when :))

1) i’d love some liquid highlight -i mean highlight is everything . even if i’m not wearing makeup i wear highlight

2)some basic cropped tshirts just too wear with denim shortsss

3)a tan (but i’ll just have to keep hoping for thatπŸ˜‚)

4)some nice trousers(maybe culottes) idkkk yet. i want a pair like in the mirror selfie i took below

5)some new sunglasses (who knows maybe i’ll go for a more fancy style than just normal sunglasses)

6)a hattt i hate themmm but i need one because i’m going to madrid and i feel like it’s gonna be really hot there

7)some pool sliders (i mean they just look cool as heck)

8)some bralletes – i feel like they’re just so pretty that i need them for my tiny boobsπŸ˜‚

9)some denim skirts

hope you enjoyed the post! have a great day!x


fave netflix series :)

heya guys :)))) it’s hella sunny and i am hella happy. yknow just had a guitar lesson and i’m finally moving. onto songs and learning chords i’m hoping to learn some dodie eventually! any of you learn instruments?

warning some spoilers maybe ??

anyways some of my fave Netflix series:

  1. riverdale, right before you scream at me i knowww it’s trashy πŸ˜‚but i’m addicted and i sure as hell hope that cheryl doesn’t get killed by the BH (sorry it’s just the perfect teen drama show)
  2. shadow hunters, it’s everything like fantasy,love etc yknow? honestly thooo clary is really whiny in the first season
  3. dirk gentlys holistic detective agency, this is one of the weirdest shows ever there’s no way to explain it just watch it (it’s a detective show btw) and the way it finished nooo so many unanswered questions
  4. on my block, it’s about a group of kids growing up in a place called freeridge and it’s kinda full of gangs. it’s got some major ships but the ending of the season made me so sad :(((

go watch them my children

byeee x


fila disruptor ll

Heya guys how are you all? i’ve had a good …two days of school. It feels like it’s been more like 4 days of the week y’know? I wish it was Thursday then at least i could watch Riverdale.

Anyways about a month ago i bought the fila disruptor ll from schuh in bath. And in the shop where i saw people wearing them they were everything and on the stands they were gorgeous.

When i got home they were still everything but i wasn’t sure what people would think about the chunkiness of the shoe.

And honestly when i wore them out people were like damn they actually look good. Like i was shocked too that people liked them πŸ˜‚

The quality of this shoe is amazing and if your thinking of getting them i say go for it !

byeeee xx